A Group of Privacy Enthusiasts Bent on Changing the World.

Masari is Private Digital Money.

Why Masari?


Masari is a simple to use cryptocurrency. With CryptoNote’s first web wallet that connects directly to the blockchain, you can be sure simplicity is met with the utmost privacy.


Did we already say, we’re private? Masari uses advanced protocols to ensure you always remain anonymous. There is no rich list, no price discrimination, and no censorship.


Masari is secured by a world wide network of users and novel technology. Using protocols like SECOR and WWHM, Masari ensures network security by incentivizing fair mining.

Latest Updates

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Masari: Elegant Privacy

Masari is looking for developers and contributors. Tweet @masaricurrency for more information!

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About Us

Masari is made possible by privacy enthusiasts around the globe. Most have day jobs and volunteer on their spare time. That doesn’t mean we don’t get stuff done. In fact, most all of Masari’s development is done by altruistic users.

Our code is also open source and freely available to all. You can check the source code whenever you want. Likewise, nobody can stop you from using Masari. Our credo is simple, privacy is freedom!

The Masari Engagement team is composed of a small group of artists, writers, and privacy enthusiasts. Together, we make Masari stand out in the crowd.

You can be a part of the community in a few simple clicks. Stop by and say hello in one of our many social media channels.

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