Thank you for your interest in helping the Masari Project. With your efforts, and the efforts of others, Masari will grow and help bring financial privacy to all.


You can contribute to Masari’s code by visiting our Github Repository and committing a pull request.

Contributing to and modifying

Since late 2018, the “official” masari website has been hosted on github. This way everything on the site is completely transparent and anybody can propose changes. To propose changes to this site you need a github account. Then you can fork the site’s source at This github repo acts as a directory on a webserver; any file and subdirectory in this repo will be accessible under the domain. The structure for the current site was made by a community member and is wordpress-esque. Admittedly, it’s rather messy. Of course, by convention, the main page is index.html and most of your changes will come from there. Making meaningful contributions should only require basic HTML knowledge. Once you have made all of the changes you wish to propose and have comitted them to your fork, you must make a Pull Request to upstream. The pull request can then be viewed and discussed by other community members and can then be approved and merged by a Masari Team member.


Anybody can help contribute to the Masari Marketing efforts so long as it does not cause any problems with what we already have. That being said, consider your help very welcome! You can help by adding content to our marketing repo as well as taking on a task at our Taiga.


Anyone can push an idea to the funding website. Funds are paid upon completion.


You can donate to the addresses listed below to help fund the continued development of Masari.

Masari: 5nYWvcvNThsLaMmrsfpRLBRou1RuGtLabUwYH7v6b88bem2J4aUwsoF33FbJuqMDgQjpDRTSpLCZu3d XpqXicE2uSWS4LUP



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Bitcoin: 1J1he4qtTuNpCxyEBozkeKfDpoeYxfE3rj