Why did you fork from Monero?

To start, it must be stated that we at Masari like Monero and wish it a good future. That being said, Masari wishes to experiment with CryptoNote in a different way than Monero that might not always take the same path if the project wasn’t forked. In the spirit of this positive view, new features have been pushed back to the parent project so they can do with it as they wish. You can check out Monero at Getmonero.org.

How is Masari different from Monero?

Masari started by adding changes to Monero’s code which included a refactor of the code that removed legacy protocols, enforcing a static mixin of 12, randomizing transaction fee sources, and enabling fluffy blocks by default. Masari also took different difficulty algorithm than Monero. One of the biggest changes for Masari will be adding a novel scaling solution not found in Monero.

Currently, CryptoNote coins are unable to scale efficiently due to the inherent default privacy features taking up a big portion of every transaction’s size. While the recent bulletproof implementation has reduced the fees for Monero and other CryptoNote coins significantly, there is still a concern as cryptocurrencies continue to become more mainstream.

Masari aims to solve this problem with layer 1 scalability solutions, while keeping privacy guarantees at its core as a Monero fork. With the SECOR protocol, fully client side web wallet, and introduction of a synchronized PoW “sharding” Blocktree protocol, these items will advance the CryptoNote space by providing a low fee, secure, private, and fungible money. As previously stated, while the roadmap differs from Monero, any compatible developments in Masari will be shared upstream such as this pull request implementing one of the best difficulty algorithms in the space.

How does Masari Have Value?

Like all cryptocurrencies, Masari has value because people believe it has value. Price is tied to supply and demand.

How do I recover my Masari if I lose access to my computer?

You can rest easy knowing that your Masari is always safe so long as you have access to either your mnemonic seed and or private key. You can use both of these items to restore your masari from whatever gadget you own. Remember to keep both of these items somewhere safe and secure!

What is a mnemonic seed?

The mnemonic seed is a set of 25 words that can be used to restore your wallet on any gadget you own. Keep this phrase safe and secure. A good practice is to write this phrase down and keep it in a secure location.

Is Masari really that simple?

Yes. The simple wallet is the first stop for new users to start using Masari. This simplicity is also pushed to our app. Added to this, every transaction is private by default so you can’t accidentally send a transparent transaction.

How is Masari different from Bitcoin?

Masari is based on the CryptoNote protocol and is private by default. Bitcoin is transparent. Don’t believe us? Check out their rich list! Masari also has other novel technology not found in Bitcoin.

Is Masari completely private?

Nothing is completely private. There could also be software bugs, future attacks, or other events that compromise privacy. It is up to you to make sure you are practicing good privacy techniques and doing your best to ensure that your activity is private. Masari is a tool and all tools are fallible.