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August 2020


camthegeekYesterday at 3:35 PM
If you have any topics you wish to discuss at tomorrows (08 Feb 2020 1500 UTC) meeting, feel free to post them here now.

Additionally, if you are not able to attend and have questions for the team, you’re more than welcome to post them here and they will be answered during the meeting.
BazookaJeffYesterday at 6:02 PM
It would be good to discuss how we can get more devs to contribute to MSR.
I think a lot of them go the Monero route. We might be able to get some new talent by targeting universities.
I’m sure there is at least 1 potentially interested person somewhere who has the abilities and skills we are looking for.
BazookaJeffToday at 8:49 AM
prob need to touch on the seed node issue, the funding page issue, and rebasing.
I am working on some new marketing materials as people saw with my GIFs and videos. I plan on making some vanilla videos for normal people. My aim is for MSR to look elegant, simple, and futuristic.
camthegeekToday at 8:59 AM
I can add the community server to the seed list. I can probably toss a node up on one of the few vps’ I have as well.
BazookaJeffToday at 8:59 AM
Guess that solves that.
So funding page and seed nodes are taken care of.
There have been some minor updates to our reddit page as well as other areas.
We could probably use a medium update. I think we ought to aim for at least 4 this year even if things are slow.
camthegeekToday at 9:12 AM
Since last meeting:
Desktop version of web wallet is available ->

Our funding system went down, which was hosted by gnock (one of the original developers who mysteriously vanished). @thaer forwarded the DNS for it over to our community server, in which I will bring up a more updated version of the funding system and provide additional access to the core team.

Masari merchants: I’m at a crawl on this due to surgery and recovery this week. I will continue on this as the days come by.

Social media engagement: @ BazookaJeff and I have been coming up with content to spread and share on Twitter and other outlets. Our results so far have been very hopeful and we continue to see an increase in user engagement across platforms.
Wallet for Masari cryptocurrency by The Masari Core Team – masari-project/masari-gui-wallet

BazookaJeffToday at 9:17 AM
I think it would be wise to push some marketing material about the new desktop wallet.
I will get on that.
and included it in my current project.
camthegeekToday at 9:44 AM
It would be good to push it out there a bit so we can get more to test and give feedback on.
I’d like to give it a bit of a visual update as well
Sorry for slow responses, dad duty on Saturdays 😛
doop > i<3trtlToday at 9:45 AM Thaer, just quit xmranonToday at 9:46 AM Giving the desktop wallet some exposure is a great idea – as the web wallet was/is such a big positive to msr KafkathedogToday at 9:53 AM I will be looking at re-building my shop in wordpress, sometime this year so I would be interested in your crypto plugin @camthegeek thaer Today at 10:01 AM
@doop > i<3trtl already did back in June 2019, I’ll ban your account if you keep with these passive aggressive statements – it was bad enough with you attributing evidence-less malicious intent to members here earlier with the hacked MasariPay server situation doop > i<3trtlToday at 10:05 AM
Oh so I’m the bad guy? If you actually quit you would have removed your role and gave full access to an appointed community member.

Now is it wrong for me to ponder about the hack? MasariPay was hacked and community money is gone. Funding page is still down. Seeds are down. And you never realize it without the community finding out. Re-attributing everything to, oh I think gnock still has control of that etc etc.

Passive aggressive? How about your complete negligence. If you actually quit in June 2019, you wouldn’t still be doing PR for it like in the McAfee related podcast
you owe the community this
You said you quit so why would you ban me@if you have no ties?
theanswerToday at 10:08 AM
thaer Today at 10:09 AM
Funny, the only thing I have sole access to has been seed nodes, everything else has been managed and controlled by other community members, and any admin rights I may have on it are only because I’ve been paying for it or made it (i.e. Discord, emails)
doop > i<3trtlToday at 10:14 AM So let’s get this on record You quit Then hand over everything to the community like to Cam@and Bazooka You said you quit June 2019 That means you aren’t coding This is the communities money they put in MandarijnenToday at 10:17 AM Focus on the postive things guys. Too bad about the tipbot thingie but it was no thousands of dollars as far as I heard, lets get over it. Thaer working on the coin in feb, angrywasp pitching in, the rest of the old MSR team is still staying strong too.I say this coin is picking up the pieces and looking forward. thaer Today at 10:17 AM
Right, so from last meeting’s announcement on me preparing to schedule hours in this month is now null and void because some anonymous account is upset that I stepped down as a core developer in June 2019, and neglecting how I barely have control on any of the community platforms?
doop > i<3trtlToday at 10:18 AM You’re changing your words You said quit Now you said stepped down thaer Today at 10:18 AM
those are the same thing
doop > i<3trtlToday at 10:18 AM No it’s not thaer Today at 10:18 AM
Cam puts up a gui wallet, you say “Thaer, just quit”, insinuating development related inactivity
doop > i<3trtlToday at 10:19 AM Cam puts up a gui wallet. Thaer didn’t Thaer said he quit June 2019 phToday at 10:19 AM And so?lol doop > i<3trtlToday at 10:19 AM Now if you don’t do anything this month You lied again bye thaer Today at 10:22 AM
so you’re leaving? okay goodbye then
back to the meeting
Thank you for making notice, the two seed nodes I have sole access to seem to have been under duress and they may have been DDOSed, looking into it at the moment
getting too many authentication failure errors, the ssh ports are locked to a single IP so I’m not sure what was going on there, looking into logs for further insight
MandarijnenToday at 10:31 AM
Rally up the community with another community voting of some sorts, maybe not just another Exchange but with my other favorite coin we managed to get on cryptocurrencycheckout dot com. I’m not tech savvy enough to fully explain but the website does a lot…it makes your coin easily adaptable in webshops. Update: Shit, when scrolling back in this channel i notice someone proposed the same thing, lol… credits go to dev/aux 🙂
Dunno if it got picked up though.
camthegeekToday at 10:37 AM
@Kafkathedog if you need help, do let me know.
@Mandarijnen Know the associated costs for being added? We were on a vote list once, where banano and some other coin had about 500x the amount of votes as us!
BazookaJeffToday at 10:40 AM
Banano guys are really fervent. Bad timing for us.
TyphooNToday at 10:41 AM
They don’t mention what the fee may be, but it seems that there might not always be a fee depending on the project, if it wins the Community Coin of the Month vote, etc:
Listing/Delisting Policy – CryptocurrencyCheckout Platform.
The CryptocurrencyCheckout Listing and Delisting policy for Coins/Tokens.
Their discord is here if anybody wants to further investigate:
thaer Today at 10:42 AM
okay, one seed node’s still up (, the other one somehow had run out of disk even though it should have more than enough (~80 GB of storage)
MandarijnenToday at 10:43 AM
I actually have some banano too, lol. But if you finish second they list you too if you are nice. Just tell them you’re nice. 😉
But userbase activity is worth alot too.
camthegeekToday at 10:44 AM
@thaer thanks for checking those!
@Mandarijnen thanks for the insight :slight_smile:
Calling an end to meeting in next 10 minutes.
TyphooNToday at 10:51 AM
Is there any information about the depth of the rebasing? Is it going to be a full rebase to monero v0.15.x including implementing SECOR with long term block weight, difficulty_top64, cumulative_difficulty_top64, etc? Or is the goal mostly to have ledger support and a few other things cherry picked?
thaer Today at 10:53 AM
the node that was down is now synchronizing, should be up to date shortly
@TyphooN the two code bases are quite apart now and a rebase would effectively involve re-implementation of our differences on into Monero’s base and making sure all the consensus versions and rules are aligned
TyphooNToday at 10:59 AM
Yup – it is quite a lot of work which is why I ask. But I also recognize that if it can be done then maybe monero and other upstream coins would be interested in implementing SECOR within their own projects. I just wasn’t sure if that had yet been discussed, or if a decision had been made in that regard.
thaer Today at 11:00 AM
it wouldn’t be too hard I think, just very tedius lol the way I’d approach it is by using Monero’s base that we’re off of and getting an entire diff of what’s different, and can go from there, starting with the versioning changes to align things up, then including the bigger components into it
so use the older base as a way to get a clean diff, then mapping it onto a newer base
TyphooNToday at 11:01 AM
I suppose we will get more information as @angrywasp progresses with his work on the rebase
BazookaJeffToday at 11:01 AM
@thaer you think you could start a trello?
thaer Today at 11:02 AM
we already have one actually, let me dig it up
I do think that Github Issues is better for this though
Trello might make sense on other angles
TyphooNToday at 11:04 AM
BTW just wanted to say, kudos to @thaer and the entire current masari team for making time every weekend for these meetings. I usually read them afterward and am not around during them. For someone who “quit” the project Thaer surely makes a big effort to be there when the community wants. :thumbsup:
BazookaJeffToday at 11:05 AM
@thaer were you able to free up some time in February for work on MSR?
thaer Today at 11:09 AM
A bunch of the releases that were supposed to happen late January were pushed back into February, but I’m a bit freed up now compared to this last week which has been hectic.
In terms of hours, I’ll be putting aside a few hours looking into the rebase situation by end of day today or tomorrow
BazookaJeffToday at 11:11 AM
Sounds good. I will continue my animation work then and we can continue towards a strong 2020. :muscle:
thaer Today at 11:13 AM
the Trello page looks to be down (it was started by somebody else, we never really used it), we can spin up a new one as needed
BazookaJeffToday at 11:14 AM
that works.
thaer Today at 11:49 AM
Alright that concludes this round, thanks everyone!
camthegeekToday at 11:54 AM
Next community meeting 22 February, 2020 at 1500 UTC.

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